To get started, please read the Tuition Assistance Guidelines Once you have read the guidelines and determined the class(es) and school you want to attend, you must complete the appropriate application. There are two ways to apply:

  • On-Line at
    • This is the most efficient and timely way to submit your application. It generally takes 2-3 processing days from the date you submit the on-line application
    • You can even select to print your own voucher at home rather than getting it in the mail
  • By Mail
    • If you cannot submit an on-line application you can print the application you need by selecting the appropriate program at the side of this screen then select the appropriate application to print, fill out and mail to the ETAP Department. We will process it and mail your voucher to you
    • Mailed in applications can take up to 2-3 weeks to process

Once you receive your Official Approval Voucher

  • You must sign and date it and take it to your school cashier’s office as payment for your approved tuition and fees
  • You must also follow up with your school to determine that they have billed us and payment has been received

If your application is Deferred or Rejected an explanation will be provided in a letter to your home along with Tuition Assistance contact and appeal information The applications for Tuition Assistance are: ETAP-Employee Tuition Assistance Full-time active UAW-represented hourly employees who have acquired

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