UAW-Ford Ergonomics Teams Win at 2013 Applied Ergonomics Conference

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Members of UAW-Ford Local Ergonomic Committees (LEC) recently attended the 2013 Applied Ergonomics Conference in Dallas, Texas with a focus on improved competency and continuous learning.  In addition to attending sessions addressing the latest issues in the world of ergonomics, the UAW-Ford National Joint Committee on Health & Safety also sponsored two teams to participate in the world-renowned Ergo Cup® competition.

The Ergo Cup® competition provided an exciting opportunity for companies to highlight their successful ergonomic solutions.  Entries were evaluated based on how well they met the criteria of Innovation, Simplicity, Cost Savings, Ergonomic Risk and Presentation quality.

In addition to the Ergo Cup®, five Ergo Excellence awards were also awarded.  The Ergo Excellence awards were chosen by ballot from all conference attendees.  The criteria for these awards are the same as for the Ergo Cup®.

The Kentucky Truck Plant LEC won the Ergo Excellence award for Simplicity for their entry “Heavy Duty Truck Mirror Relief Stanchion.”

A design change increased the weight of the side mirrors over 300%, from 3.7 to 15.2 pounds. Operators had to hold the mirror with one hand while routing the wiring into the door before it was secured. This increase in weight was stressful to the operator.  In a short amount of time in production, several operators reported injuries.  Several options were trialed that would manage the weight increase of the mirror. The final solution was super simple, and dubbed the “Relief Stanchion” This Stanchion allows the operator to reduce the weight in hand by resting the mirror on a simple stand fixture. The Stanchion was developed, built and installed with in-house resources.


Members of the Kentucky Truck Plant team

Larry Goldsmith, Jeff Smith, Dave Farley, Kevin Powers, Rodney Janes, Jimmy Ford

The Cleveland Engine Plant #1 LEC won the Ergo Excellence award for Innovation for their entry “Multi Pattern Exhaust Manifold Stud Install Fixture”.

Cleveland Engine was presented with build complexity of hand starting 6 to 8 studs for 8 different Exhaust Manifold patterns across 4 stations within a 30 second cycle time over 10 hour shifts.  A “Lazy Susan” was developed to present the proper stud pattern fixture to the operator. The operator loads the studs into the correct fixture, the fixture is positioned to the manifold and all studs are secured at once. When the fixture is replaced, a flashing light indicates the correct fixture to load for the next engine.


Members of the Cleveland Engine Plant #1 team

Craig Heidinger, Roberto Torres, Rick Genther, Jerry Humphries, John Cosentino, Ed Eisbrenner

 The National Joint Committee on Health & Safety congratulates all of the high performing LECs for their outstanding contributions to the UAW-Ford Ergonomics process (Fitting Jobs to People)!

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