Diversity Training at the UAW-Ford National Programs Center

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The 4th annual UAW-Ford Joint Diversity Conference was held June 25-26, 2014, at the National Programs Center in Detroit.  The two-day event was attended by 53 UAW and Ford employees involved in Diversity at 29 Ford locations as well as 10 outside guest speakers.

A memorable performance was provided during each morning’s National Anthem, with Terrance Horn, UAW ESSP Representative from the R&E Center, who is a renowned opera singer.  The second day also began with Terrance Horn, Sturge Moreland, Byron Reid, and Tommy Douglas that gave a beautiful, moving rendition of the National Anthem as well.

Several guest speakers were featured, including:

Rick Feldman, UAW International Representative, presented on Breaking the Silence: Disability, Justice, and Creating an Inclusive Community; providing powerful insight on the challenges and successes of raising a child with cognitive impairment.

Also featured were interactive presentations about working in a Multi-Generational Workplace by Deborah Carter (Multi Training Systems), and Sharon Jackson (Value Options) about how to Nurture Respect in the Workplace.  Dr. Kenneth Smith (Smith and Associates), discussed Bullying in the Workplace and Bob Mosley LMSW (Value Options), presented on How to Deal with Difficult People.

James Wolfe, KTP UAW FPS Coordinator/Chaplain/Sergeant at Arms, gave a very personal and heartfelt rendition of his journey at coming out as a gay individual.  Dr. Greg Stone, co-chair of GLOBE also provided a global perspective of LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual, and Trans Gender) issues around the world and the challenges still faced by many.

Also, best practices from CSP, Woodhaven, and Cleveland Plants were presented, allowing others to gain some insight on what they might want to pursue at their locations.

Attendees also learned about the new 2-hour NEO Diversity program, Passage to Progress/Driven by Labor video, instructions on conducting Diversity meetings, charters and other relevant information.

It was a great conference and we are excited to have so much energy around our great Diversity teams!

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