Diversity Poster and Slogan Contest Guidelines

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webicon Poster Slogan Guidelines: UAW/Ford National Diversity Program needs and wants to update the Diversity poster and slogan.  We are looking to tap the creativity of the UAW/Ford employees.  The poster and slogan should depict some element of Diversity where it promotes inclusivity, respect, and appreciation for our differences and likenesses.

If you have any questions, please contact Julia O’Neal at 313 392 7005 or joneal4@ford.com or sue Seaton at 313 392 7203 or sseaton@ford.com.



  1. Cannot  be offensive language, picture or  suggestive such that it will offend any employee  -Rated G
  2. All submissions will receive a certificate of appreciation
  3. The plant location and employee whose slogan and poster design is selected will each receive a plaque of recognition
  4. Selection of the poster design and slogan will be decided by the National UAW-Ford Diversity  Committee
  5. All submissions should be received by September 30, 2014
  6. With each submission, please include name, phone number and email (Ford  and/or personal)
  7. Winner will be notified  in October 2014
  8. Poster design should be submitted in .*jpeg, *png, or *pdf format
  9. Submit via email to sseaton@ford.com

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