New Inspection Validation System

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Louisville Assembly Plant FPS Coordinator Steve Milam and Louisville Assembly Quality Rep. Angela Perronie Runner are demonstrating their commitment to ‘Go Further’ by jointly creating a new process to verify and validate inspection items on base operators. This ‘Inspection Validation’ system was presented to approximately 250 UAW-Ford Delegates at our UAW-Ford NQC Quality conference in Black lake in October 2014. The new inspection model challenges plant leadership to think outside the box, while simultaneously creating synergy on the shop floor. The purpose of this new process is to provide a deeper level of understanding to the operators about the items that they’re tasked to inspect. This system of two-way communication increases the confidence of the operator, and empowers them at their work stations by providing in-depth knowledge of their inspection piece. By implementing this new system, Angie and Steve are proving that quality is a team sport, and helping operators to make informed decisions on what the customers’ expectations are.


Individuals in photo (left to right):  UAW Nick Rutovic, Ford Wilhelmina Allen, Louisville Assembly Plant FPS Coordinator Steve Milam, LAP Quality Rep. Angela Perronie Runner, LAP Plant Chairman Barry Ford, and UAW Andre Green.

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