UAW-Ford is committed to bettering our communities through community service. One such project has been aimed at making accessible housing a reality for our neighbors in the communities where UAW-Ford has a footprint. What started as a project to build 40 ramps in 20 weeks in Southeast Michigan has expanded across the country to places like Louisville, Kansas City, Chicago, and Ohio.

Since 2012, UAW-Ford teams have built more than 2,000 ramps around the United States. It’s a collaboration between the UAW and National Ford Department which have joined forces with an array of non-profit organizations to improve the quality of life for thousands of Americans. “It began in partnership with the Southeast Michigan United Way ‘Ray West Memorial Ramp Project’. That project, honoring the late Detroit labor leader, was bolstered by a $200,000 investment from the UAW and Ford. The goal was to build 40 ramps in 40 weeks and it proved so successful that it expanded to multiple states and multiple partnerships.


Click The Picture Below to View The UAW-Ford Community Magazine Featuring the Ramp Project Online or Click Here to View and Download the magazine.

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