Life often presents employees with unexpected challenges at work and at home. The Employee Support Services Program (ESSP) supports UAW-represented Ford workers and their families with a variety of services during changes or difficult decision-making times.

At the core of ESSP is the Employee Assistance Plan (EAP). The Plan provides employees and their families a voluntary and confidential way to obtain counseling, support or professional assistance.

Additional ESSP services address family issues, provide referrals for childcare and disseminate information about personal health and fitness. ESSP is the source for information on wellness activities and for consultation regarding personal decisions.

Local on-site UAW-Ford ESSP Representatives meet with employees to discuss their needs and concerns, and to provide detailed information on the available courses of action. The meetings are convenient and confidential.

ESSP helps employees address their challenges, review their options and manage their solutions. With ESSP, employees are better able to maintain a healthy balance in their lives, jobs and families.

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