Communication in the workplace is an important tool used to educate and enlighten our workforce and highlight the joint initiatives and activities in which our workforce is involved. The Committee communicates our many accomplishments to the wider community, thereby enhancing Ford’s image and competitive position. Communications from the Joint Trusts come through this department, along with joint communications about new products. Successful methods of communication have been developed using print and web-based mediums to recognize, inspire and showcase the accomplishments of both the hourly and salaried employees in Ford facilities and through community engagement.

The Digital Media & Communication team is responsible for:

  • Communicating with the workforce through social media.
  • Creating videos and graphics for all Joint Programs.
  • Any and all photography related to the Joint Trusts.
  • Updating the website with current news and information.
  • Highlighting the contributions of the workforce to new Ford products or services.
  • Developing and sharing all forms of communications promoting the work of the Joint Trusts.

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