The UAW-Ford Employee Support Services Program supports the Wellbeing and Fitness Center Program. The Wellbeing and Fitness Center Program creates and maintains Fitness Centers, with a focus on cardio, strength, weightlifting, and group exercise, at certain UAW-represented Ford facilities.

  • Employees may use on-site or near-site fitness centers at UAW-represented Ford facilities at any non-work time during the centers’ hours of operations.
  • Hourly employees at Parts Supply and Logistics ("PS&L") locations who do not have access to on-site or near-site fitness centers may receive an annual voucher of $350 for use at an approved local gym after application.
  • Retirees may use on-site or near-site fitness centers from the location they retired from or Ernie Lofton Fitness Center on a space available basis, at non-peak usage periods, and when the fitness center is in operation. The schedule of usage will be determined by the Plan Administrator or its designee based on factors such as the location of the fitness center, present hours of operation, present Employee usage, and other criteria.