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The National Joint Skilled Trades Governance Team (NJSTGT) is committed to establishing and operationalizing a world-class, skilled trades business model. To this end, this group continually discusses present, desired, and transition states of the skilled trades organization while considering structure, culture, process, and people. Our collective goal is facilitating a more efficient use of the skilled trades at the plant floor level enabling our skilled trades employees to deliver world-class quality, safety, productivity, and cost improvement results. Some of our key activities include the following:

• Developing and delivering an aligned desired state for Skilled Trades.
• Ensuring the successful completion of implementation of Skilled Trades initiatives at both the national and local levels.
• Assisting in the implementation of all national agreements related to Skilled Trades.
• Overseeing skilled licensing and certification.
• Providing local parties with clear direction consistent with the jointly developed desired state for Skilled Trades.
• Gaining sponsorship required from Company and Union leadership at both the corporate and local levels, as well as others required to enable successful change.
• Benchmarking our competitors, ensuring implementation of a Skilled Trades model that will generate the highest level of performance and the utilization of best practices.
• Ensuring that Skilled Trades are highly involved and participating in the manufacturing process through assignment of dedicated Skilled Tradespersons to specific departments or areas.
• Using a set of ongoing metrics to determine the effectiveness of the implementation.
• Partnering with Manufacturing Technology & Development on the identification, procurement and training on new technologies being deployed to plants.