UAW-Ford Joint Trusts


Overview of the Trusts and Joint Program


The Joint Trusts are the result of UAW and Ford’s shared vision for the Joint Programs.

During the 2019 negotiations we at UAW and Ford discussed the importance of our long history of working together, delivering best-in-class training in many areas, including Health and Safety and Quality. We recognized that continuing the Joint Programs is beneficial to union-represented employees and creates a vital competitive advantage to Ford.

The decision to create the Joint Trusts to support the Joint Programs came from our mutual commitment to sound oversight, governance and accountability, which includes strict financial controls and compliance with all applicable laws. The creation of the Joint Trusts represents a critical next step in honoring our Joint Programs commitment to each other and to you.

The Joint Trusts are broken down into two different Trusts:

• VEBA - Voluntary Employees’ Beneficiary Association
• LMC - Labor Management Committees

Each Trust is home to certain Joint Programs, depending on whether
that Program is an “employee benefit plan” or a labor-management
cooperation activity.

Here’s how things are structured.

The VEBA Trust includes these employee benefit plans:

• UAW-Ford Tuition Assistance Program
• UAW-Ford ESSP - Wellbeing & Fitness Center Program
• UAW-Ford Joint Apprenticeship and Training Program
• Any other appropriate Voluntary Employees’ Beneficiary
Association Programs to which the UAW and Ford agree


The LMC Trust includes programs designed to:

• Improve labor-management relationships, job security,
organizational effectiveness, and economic development.
• Involve workers in decisions affecting their jobs and improving
communication on subjects of mutual interest.
• Implement projects to improve communication, and engage in
community outreach efforts and promotional activities.

The details of the LMC and VEBA Joint Programs are on the next 2 pages.