The UAW-Ford Joint Apprenticeship and Training Program (the "Program") provides opportunities for employees to enter the skilled trades as certified Journey persons, to maintain and enhance their skills, and to learn to utilize new technologies and techniques emerging in the skilled trades at Ford facilities.

It administers and oversees:

  • The UAW-Ford Joint Apprenticeship Program
  • The Reskilling Program
  • The Non-Apprentice Training Program

Contact your Local Joint Apprenticeship Committee Representative for information & how to apply. Skilled Tradespersons are in high demand and remain essential to the success of Ford. As vehicle and manufacturing processes become more complex, skilled workers will continue to be required throughout the shop floors. The future is bright for Joint Apprenticeship Program participants.


Subject to the Apprentice Standards, all hourly employees, including temporary employees who have been on the active employment rolls for ninety (90) days or more since their most recent hire or rehire date, and salaried employees, who are at least eighteen (18) years of age and satisfy the physical requirements of the employer for the trade they wish to enter are eligible to apply to join the Apprenticeship Program.