Education Enrichment Courses (EEC)

Newly negotiated in 2015, Educational Enrichment Courses (EEC) pique a member’s interest in learning and allow for career and program of study exploration, and professional development.  Commonly called continuing education, lifelong learning or professional development courses, they normally do not grant college credit, but may offer Continuing Education Units (CEU’s).


Eligible UAW-Ford employees may use $1500 of their $4000 PDA funds each year for these courses. The courses generally must be taken through accredited institutions (community or technical colleges or universities).


Many local community or technical colleges offer on-campus classes through their Continuing Education or Professional Development departments and members generally may find a listing of these courses on the school’s website. 


In addition to on-campus classes, members may take online Educational Enrichment Courses through Schoolcraft College.  Click the links below to check out the courses they offer and register. 

Course Catalog

This course catalog is for informational purposes ONLY. Register using the link below.


Register for Classes


All Educational Enrichment Courses (both on-campus and online) must be approved for tuition assistance prior to course start date and the school must accept our tuition vouchers.  Do not pay for the course(s) out of pocket before attending – there is no reimbursement option.  

Apply for tuition assistance at:

To verify if a school will accept our tuition vouchers, email the EDTP department at


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